Thank you for your heartfelt letters of condolences, the lovely flowers and floral arrangements, providing assistance at the services, and the generous donation that totaled $17,470 (Teo Chow Association $3,866; Indochina Chinese Elderly Association $3,866; ICRA $3,866; Yat Sen Chinese School $3,871; and Kin On Health Care Center $2,001).  We truly appreciate everyone for taking the time to come and share in the remembrance of Fung Chan.  Although this is a sad time for all of us, we find comfort in knowing how fortunate we have been to know you.  Thank you.

                                                                                                                                                                       - Family members of Fung Chan, May 31, 2010

Thank you all for being here, and for all the condolences, support and friendship you’ve given to me and my family.  We were all supposed to gather this weekend to celebrate dad and mom’s 65th wedding anniversary.  Sadly, much different circumstances bring us together now.  A reminder that life can be too short, even when you live to be 90 years old. 

But a life isn't merely defined in decades. What good are 90, or even 900 years on this earth if that time was spent selfishly, without humor, love and charity?  Though he was worn down by wars, by poverty and countless hardships, he departed this world with his humor intact, with his heart full of love and charity.

My father’s life was devoted to giving and helping his community.  In his hometown in China, he constructed a center for the elderly. When he first arrived to Vietnam, he started a local basketball team in Vinh Chau, Bac Lieu Province.  In Saigon he helped to build Chinese schools and a classical Chinese Opera Association.  Here in Seattle, Washington, he founded the Teo Chow Association and the Bao On temple.  He was a natural leader who devoted his life to helping those around him.

He’s always instilled this same spirit in his children and grandchildren.  There are three things my father taught us, which we'll always remember.

First, you must take all the kindness you receive in this world and then send it back out, and pass it onto others.

Second, don’t envy others but be happy and confident with yourself, who you are and what you have.

And third, It’s always better to give more than you take, because when you have enough to give to others, it means you are truly fortunate.

Before he died, my father told me one more thing. And he asked that I share it with all with you today.  He said that we mustn’t be sad for him.  That instead we should celebrate, because he fulfilled all his expectations and left this world without any regrets.  He lived a long life.  A full life.  And even at the end of it, he retained his humor, his love, his charity.  And it was a good life.

We love you very much and we will miss you.  Thank you.

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Updated 5.31.2010